Becoming A Nutrien Ag Solutions Supplier

We’re looking for suppliers that can deliver quality goods and services:

    That meet our diverse business needs

    On time

    To the right place

We build partnerships with suppliers that have proven track records and superior products and services.

Contact the branch in your community to become a supplier. If you’re deemed an ideal fit, the branch will submit your information to our Accounts Payable team, who will ensure they have all the correct information to transact with you. Once you’re set up, the Accounts Payable team will send you relevant information about how to invoice us correctly. If you have any questions on the process, you may reach out to the Accounts Payable Set-Up Team.


When selecting who we work with we want to be transparent throughout the process to build strong, trusting, and sustainable partnerships.

We expect our suppliers to share our business values, practices and standards. We are committed to supporting our local communities, and we hold ourselves to high environmental and social standards across our operations.

We support small organizations that may have potential to become key suppliers of the future and/or local suppliers where we have a presence in the community. Our goal is to give diverse suppliers and their communities the opportunity and support they need to thrive as vital contributors to our success.

Demonstrating value for money is important to us. We work with our suppliers to develop contracts which are fair but maximize value for money, efficiency, and effective solutions. Prospective suppliers must meet our Supplier Code of Ethics requirements before they are considered for work at the company.


The Supplier Code of Ethics evaluates supplier status, performance and behavior in several areas, including:

  • Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)
  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Supplier diversity
  • Legal, confidentiality and information security