We’re moving to the Ariba Network to provide an efficient electronic transaction experience that will allow us to collaborate seamlessly with suppliers.

We understand that Ariba will be new to some of you and will change the way you normally work with us, but it will benefit you in the long run.

Supplier onboarding began in June 2019 and will continue through 2022. Ariba went live with Canada Retail, Loveland Products Inc (LPI), Dyna-Gro, OreGro, and Evergro in December 2019. US Retail regions and the Loveland, Colorado corporate office will be enabled at a future date. We will follow up with more emails detailing next steps and timing.


  • Get paid faster
  • Track the status of your invoices
  • Electronic purchase orders and invoices
  • More efficient and accurate than paper and manual invoicing processes
  • More control over order processing
  • Easily convert purchase orders into invoices
  • Never lose a document with the searchable archive
  • Better communication on both sides
  • Opportunity to sell your products and services to more customers through the Ariba Network marketplace

Learn more about SAP Ariba

Nutrien Ag Solutions Supplier Guide


To help you with the transition and better understand the business processes required we’ve provided some more information and resources.


  1. You’ll receive a Project Notification Letter from the Procurement Systems Sustainment Team asking you to join the Ariba Network. Please transact with us as you normally would until you receive this letter.
  2. Attend a Supplier Summit.
  3. Register with the Ariba Network.
  4. You will need to accept the Trading Relationship Request from the Ariba Network to transact with the business. You will have access to Nutrien Ag Solutions Supplier Information Portal with relevant training material through your Ariba account.
  5. Complete technical details on your Ariba profile such as Routing IDs and ACH account numbers — it sounds complicated but we’re here to help you.
  6. Start selling your products and service on Ariba!

If you have any questions on the Ariba onboarding process, please contact Retail Indirect Procurement or the Procurement Systems Sustainment Team.