Precision Agriculture

Nutrien Ag Solutions combines the highest quality inputs with industry-leading precision agriculture services to help the grower apply a prescription for more precise seeding and fertilizing.

Available exclusively from Nutrien Ag Solutions, Echelon is our best-in-class precision agriculture solution, providing growers with a unique model for using Variable Rate Technology (VRT). VRT is replacing traditional grid soil sampling with proven imagery analysis to create a variable rate recommendation that is based on your field history. This new and unique approach to variable rate is part of the Nutrien Ag Solutions commitment to continual innovation in technology.

The benefits of precision agriculture are impressive. VRT can improve the profitability and productivity of every square metre of your farm, while making daily operations easier and more efficient.

The Echelon-guided platform offers full farm management, variable rate services, data management and hands-on support. We use the latest science and technology to customize fertility and seeding recommendations for each field, including using over 10 years of accurate satellite imagery to gain a solid understanding of your soil history.

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