Posted March 17, 2017 

Source: 2015/2016 Nutrien Ag Solutions Harvest Data – 5791 data sources across Western Canada; 2188 Canola; 1645 Wheat; 405 Barley; 1533 other. Data compared to average zones.

Echelon users experience an average yield advantage of 10.8% in canola, 5.9% in wheat and 6.4% in barley*.

Across millions of acres in Western Canada, every field can be broken out into 3 zones when it comes to yield potential: 

Optimize fertilizer use and increase yield

The 4R principles of nutrient stewardship define the importance of placing the right fertilizer in the right area at the right rate. In areas of the field where the production potential is higher, consider increasing your nitrogen rate to optimize your yield results. 

Reduce fertilizer rate while maintaining yield

In areas of the field where the production potential is historically lower, consider that nitrogen is usually over-applied. By identifying these zones and reducing the amount of nitrogen applied to match the actual yield potential, you will reduce your input costs while still maintaining your yield at harvest. 

The role of average rate 

There are areas of your field that exhibit peak performance with an adequate flat rate application. The right rate should be determined through traditional methods to create a fertility recommendation; and should include a composite soil sample of the entire field. 

Through the Echelon™ platform from Nutrien Ag Solutions, we will work alongside you to achieve a fertilizer optimization plan that is right for your fields. Interested in Echelon from Nutrien Ag Solutions for #plant17? Submit your contact information here and we will commit to follow-up with you within 48 business hours.


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