Maximize Spring Burndown Leci-Tech

Posted April 08, 2019 

Don’t risk another pass due to ineffective or off-target applications. Tank-mix your glyphosate with LI 700 with Leci-Tech, a non-ionic penetrating surfactant that reduces off-target spray and spray water pH. 

With exclusive soy-based Leci-Tech technology, the benefits of using LI 700 include:

  • TO: Drift reduction with performance-sized droplets
  • ON: Droplet retention by adhesion and spreading
  • IN: Increased penetration without cuticle disruption
  • Acidification properties reduce spray solution pH, preventing pesticide degradation and maximizing performance
  • Low-foaming properties won’t cause foam problems in the spray tank

Spring burndown applications with glyphosate or other chemistries are an important step for a clean field and strong start to the season, but don’t forget to maximize application efficacy with LI 700 or LIBERATE  from Loveland Products.

LI 700 and LIBERATE both contain Leci-Tech technology, are non-ionic surfactants and enhance a burndown spray. The key difference is the acid buffer component in LI 700, while LIBERATE is pH-neutral. 

Why does solution pH matter in a burndown application?

Water pH plays an important role in the stability and efficacy of pesticides. A pesticide can begin alkaline hydrolysis, which is degradation or breakdown of the chemical, the moment it is introduced to the spray solution. Alkaline hydrolysis breaks chemical bonds holding pesticides together and can reduce the life of a pesticide, and this reaction is significantly affected by water pH. Weak-acid herbicides (like glyphosate, 2,4-D and dicamba) and insecticide chemistries are most susceptible to alkaline hydrolysis from high water pH. 

How can I manage solution pH to maximize spray efficacy?

A .25% v/v rate of LI 700 (2.5L/1000L of spray solution) will reduce the pH of the spray solution to around 5 which, in most cases, will take care of any disassociation issues. Do NOT reduce the pH of the spray solution when using sulphonylurea (SU) chemistries (LIBERATE, however, is an excellent pair for SU chemistries at the same .25% v/v rate). 

Does LI 700 or LIBERATE condition hard water?

No. Solution pH and managing hard water are two different issues. Learn more about CHOICE WEATHER MASTER water conditioner and how hard water affects pesticide sprays here.

How do I know if I have hard water?

Talk to your Nutrien Ag Solutions retail about testing your water. They have instant-read hard water test strips (pictured below) and can also help have your water tested through a certified lab.


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Managing Hard Water Maximum Herbicide Performance

Posted April 08, 2019

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