Posted July 15, 2021 | By: Brianna Lummerding

Manager of Agronomic Services

All four crops received herbicide spray which was quite a challenge considering in Saskatchewan, every day is the windiest day of the year. AAC Broadacres wheat and Altorado barley were the first to be sprayed - using Sentrallas and MCPA, mixed with Trondus and Radiate. These products did a great job of clearing up the kochia in fields.

EXP TF Canola was next to be sprayed with Startup, Li700, and Radiate. WestLin 60 flax was last to be sprayed with Buctril M, Shadow, Awaken and Valid. The crops look good considering the minimal rain fall and I really do feel this was due to the Radiate helping with root growth, and the Awaken taking the edge off the flax at herbicide timing. This year it really is the little things that seem to be making a bit of a difference during these tough times. Not only have the fields endured the most recent 40 C degrees heat but received a light frost on the longest day of the year. All four fields have been verified for Nutrien’s Carbon Pilot project with use of the Echelon scouting app, which we have been using to keep track of the field progress throughout the year.

The next steps on these acres is watching them mature with hopefully a few more rains before the end of the season.

We cannot forget the Salinity Project or the annual forage acres. I was able to lend a hand completing meter square cuts in each section of the salinity forage plots. The data will tell us how much forage biomass we were able to achieve on the second year, and also if there are any differences in the forage cuts between a 2 inch and 6 inch fall stubble height in regards to amount of snow catch and melt.

The Innovation Acres and their story will be shared during the Discovery Farm’s VIP Experience event for growers at Ag In Motion Discovery Farm site from July 20th to 23rd. I am looking forward to sharing the story and vision behind the acres.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer and we will catch up again at harvest!


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