Nutrien Ag Solutions fundamental values and beliefs respecting environment, health and safety are an integral part of our business designs, procedures and work practices. Committed to protecting our employees, customers, business participants and their communities, Nutrien Ag Solutions promotes programs and procedures - in compliance with regulations and applicable laws - with an aim to preventing injuries, guarding against negative health effects and protecting the environment.

Safety's central role at Nutrien Ag Solutions is evident through our innovative programs and industry leading best practices, such as our management of fertilizers and other agricultural products.

Material Safety Data Sheets and product labels can be found through Health Canada's Consumer Product Safety label search

Nutrien Ag Solutions collaborates with Fertilizer Canada on its Anhydrous Ammonia Code of Practice for Storage, Handing and Distribution. More Nutrien Ag Solutions facilities have completed the CFI National Code of Practice Audit than any other company in Canada.

Quality educational programs

Nutrien Ag Solutions provides customer safety training in the storage and handling, transporting and regulatory requirements of NH3.

Safety compliance

Using NH3 requires manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and farmers to meet strict regulations. These regulations pertain to the storage, handling, transportation and safety of the product.

High safety standards

Nutrien Ag Solutions maintains some of the highest safety standards in the industry when it comes to handling products such as NH3.

Safety leadership

We are industry leaders in providing customer training on the safe handling and on-farm application of NH3. This training is a priority and is key to the safe use of  this valuable, cost-effective product.
Contact your local retail for more information on our safety training programs.

In keeping with our safety commitment Nutrien Ag Solutions, jointly with Nutrien, have committed to provide Emergency Response to their retail trading areas located across Western Canada ready to respond to railcar, highway or field incidents involving fertilizers, fuel, and all agriculture products.

The frequency of grain entrapments is growing nationally. In 2015 alone, media reports indicated that there were seven deaths and two injuries connected with grain across Canada. In response to the growing need, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association has developed a grain safety program.

At the heart of the BeGrainSafe program is a mobile demonstration unit which can function as both a grain entrapment demonstration unit and a rescue-training unit. Nutrien Ag Solutions Canada has committed $80,000 over four years to BeGrainSafe.