Nutrien Ag Solutions works in partnership with local organizations to strengthen and grow rural communities. We live and work in hundreds of communities across Western Canada providing not only valued products and services, but employment opportunities and support to local initiatives. We strive to be good neighbours – protecting, growing and enriching communities where we operate. 

Nutrien Ag Solutions Fundraising Programs

Proud to be part of the communities we work in and service, Nutrien Ag Solutions offers two fundraising opportunities throughout the year for not-for-profit community teams, clubs, schools and other organizations.


LAWN FERTILIZER 19-12-15 will aid you with proper lawn care. Fertilizing can play an important role in keeping the grass greener on your side of the fence. Fertilizer can reduce the chances of weed growth, protect your investment in new turf, and strengthen the roots of your grass. 


  • Slow release nitrogen
  • Long lasting


  • 15 kg bag

Downloadable Material Safety Data Sheet: PDF


BEAR TRACKS ice melter provides a safe and efficient way to melt ice and compacted snow on sidewalks and driveways. It is a useful product for both residential and commercial areas to ensure that traffic areas are kept ice free and safe for pedestrians.


  • Fast acting
  • Long lasting
  • High visibility blue marker
  • Safe on concrete and vegetation*
  • Pet friendly

*When used as directed


  • 16 kg pail

Downloadable Material Safety Data Sheet: PDF

Download the fundraising brochure:

Work with your local Nutrien Ag Solutions retail for fundraising details and to order product.

Community investment

Nutrien Ag Solutions strives to meanigfully contribute to the communities where we operate. We collaborate with our community partners who share our values and approach to sustainability.

Driven by our sustainability strategy, and inspired by our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, Nutrien Ag Solutions and Nutrien support community initiatives that are aligned with our three Focus Areas: Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental Footprint and Diversity and Inclusive Growth.

In conjunction with Nutrien, our Local Community Investment Program supports charities and initiatives in the communities where we operate. Specifically targeted to meet the unique needs of each community, this program is intended to support those who work, live and play in these communities. You can submit a donation application to the community program through the Nutrien Community Investment Program Application. Be sure to indicate the Nutrien Ag Solutions retail community you are a part of.

In the context of community investment, we further define our Focus Areas as:

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Solutions

  • Building awareness of agriculture's contributions to the economy and society;
  • Sustainable food production, research or education;
  • Fostering innovation in agriculture;
  • Relating to food security or the root causes of hunger and poverty;
  • Nutrition.

Additionally, Nutrien believes that for agriculture to be truly sustainable, it must be safe for growers and their families. As such, this focus area includes initiatives that support rural health and safety.

Environmental Stewardship

  • Facilitating actions that promote ecosystem health;
  • Helping protect the quality of the air, water and soil;
  • Supporting community adaptation and resilience as it relates to the environment;
  • Providing education, training or a deeper understanding of environmental topics.

Diversity and Inclusion

Nutrien aims to be an agent of positive social change and decrease inequalities across our company, value chain and communities.

  • Building more inclusive communities;
  • Developing careers and opportunities for women in non-traditional roles;
  • Addressing the gaps historically under-represented populations in the local area face;
  • Supporting meaningful engagement for military veterans;
  • Addressing the gaps Indigenous people face, including supporting reconciliationi efforts.

Our presence in the communities where we have operations, offices or retail branches is also supported by employee volunteerism, stakeholder engagement, emergency relief efforts and our award-winning sustainable agriculture education programs.